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Equity March

  • TODO We will be distributing support material highlighting the place of MMT and a Job Guarantee in the fight for freedom, justice, and equality.

2024 General Assembly Legislative Agenda.

  • TODO Statements on VA 2024 HB528, conservation landscaping and HOAs.
  • DONE Bi-partisan win on HB985, state-wide coal tar sealant ban
  • TODO HB 936 Public school buildings; indoor air quality standards
    • TODO Reinstate Emily Yen, lead lobbyist pulled from this bill mid-session who is making the VEA a stronger, more equitable and democratic union with every win on her way to reinstatement.

American Climate Corps

Input Session.

Advocate for a Job Guarantee directed to community-led community development, not directed through local government and entrenched elites, not substituting for regular government functions, not tailored as free training bound for specific employers. See session II transcript and draft comment.

DEQ EPA Climate Pollution Reduction Grant

Additional Hearings.

See how our legislative agenda dovetails with examples from the guiding documents that it enables and with the ACC that provides an on-going funding stream.

Biden on cancel all student debt:

  1. Response to Biden Announcement. [Update June 30, 2023: still applies post-SCOTUS decision.]
  2. Biden on the bipartisan consensus "government doesn't have the money."
  3. Biden on education and preparedness
  4. Biden on education and social control .
  5. Biden on MMT, recovery, and student debt.

Congratulate Delegate Destiny Levere Bolling and Senator Lashrecse Aird and CD 07 Congressional candidate Elizabeth Guzman

for having the courage to denounce the New Right motive force behind "Right to Work," Reed Eugene Larson.

Who We Are

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